They chose Parallel45


Kowffice is a French startup that helps companies finding office spaces. Once their agents uncover just the right place, they provide a plan for the layout of your new office that fits your budget. Thanks to a website using bleeding edge technologies, Kowffice facilitates the life of both renters and owners!

Now that Kowffice has met financial success, Parallel45 helps the company to grow towards the next technological steps.

Our software development experience is the key that enables Kowffice to put in place best programming practices, scalable methods, and solid documentation within this amazing startup and ensure that new employees get up to speed in no time.

Simple Medical Screens

Simple Medical Screens is an application used by medical providers in the US to screen patients for common issues. Thanks to tablets provided in the waiting room, patients fill a survey when they check in to help doctors treat them efficiently.

This project was built with Alt.js, a promising solution to facilitate state management.

Unfortunately, this Flux library didn't stand the test of time. Our mission was simple yet necessary to enable further development of this great application: Replace Alt with Redux, a more durable choice for React applications.